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Oh yeah, uh... I guess I could also upload that show. Here you go. Enjoy some music and stuff.…


"Tomorrow" and "in like three weeks" are apparently the same thing with me. Sorry, no real excuse for taking so long to upload this. Just never cared enough to.…

Seeya next semester!


Upload coming tomorrow or something!
That show went distressingly well. No technical hiccups or anything. I fully expect that my tires have been slashed and I'll be stranded on campus. If you hear maddened screaming, you'll know I was right.…
That was a good show. Tune in next week when I'll be interviewing MEDLOW!…

Come have a listen and make requests, got a great show up tonight!
That was a great show, if you can ignore the part where I was dying through all of it. ENJOY MY SUFFERING, MORTALS!…

Whoa Radio'll be up on the air in the next few minutes, so come in and have a listen! I've got a great show planned with a few new features!

hey guys! Radio shows resume this Saturday, and it's gonna be a REALLY important show.

See, I'll be preparing an aircheck (basically the radio equivalent of a resumé) from the results of the show, so I'd like to keep it lively and active. So, y'know. Lots of requests.

So I'm putting out the call early: got any requests for me to line up, or anything you think I should talk about on the air? I appreciate any and all suggestions on this.

And don't forget to tune in to WHOA RADIO this Saturday from 8-10PM EST!
Okay so, first thing's first: there will be NO radio shows for a few weeks. Spring break is here and the University's closed down as a result. As a bonus, the week after, there'll be an event that I won't get to be part of that'll be taking up my show. And all of the other shows for a couple days. It's for charity, so it's hard to be pissed about that. I DO get to be pissed that I got passed over for it 3 years in a row, especially because this was my last shot, but what can you do?

When the next show hits, I'll of course post a journal for that.

Now, in writing news, I've just had... no motivation to write. Mostly because a good half of my computer time has been spent trying to unfuck this system. Computer problems galore and no one can figure out what's up with it. I'm convinced it's a failing motherboard, but people with more knowledge than me on the subject tell me that's impossible, so I'm probably wrong. My other theory involves my fan needing replaced, which I guess is possible. My new GPU was also failing for a while, so there's that nuisance, too, but at least I managed to fix that.

I've actually got most of chapter 11 done... but I'm honestly not going to post it. I'm going to fall back on my original plan and rework the chapters that are already in place, because frankly I'm not happy with them, and there are a LOT of details, some minor and some very much major, that need changed.

And now for the biggie - I'm no longer going to be posting Crime Ring on DA. I'll leave what's there, but that's all that'll be posted of this. The reason for this is I want to submit it to a publisher someday, and I don't want the whole thing posted online. I doubt publishers take kindly to that. And, failing a real publishing, I'll be attempting to self publish it. And I probably would pull it all down from the internet at that point, anyway.

Not a lot of you were actually reading the chapters anyway. Maybe three people, if that. And I get that DA's not exactly a writer-friendly sort of place, so I thank each of you for your support, and I hope you understand why I've chosen to do this. And of course, when the time comes I look into publishing, I WILL be putting out the word here, especially because there's a few people here that I want to commission for possible cover art.

So, I guess from now on, my DA posts will only be short stories I write on a whim (I've had a lot of ideas for some anyway, so it might not even be that long before that happens) and dumbass stories like that "Who Needs Brakes?" thing that Psycaster wants me to continue. And I'm kind of tempted to continue it.

I may also start drawing again someday, but, you know. Don't count on it. Though I've done a bit of doodling here and there, so I guess anything's possible.

'Til next time!
Okay that was fun:…


AND WE'RE LIVE! Got a good show planned tonight, hope y'all enjoy it!
So, I'm gonna continue Crime Ring. As much as I think another story might be a better starting point, I'm already this far in and I find myself already kind of hooked on this one, too much so to work on any others. I can fix any issues I need in the revision, but we'll get there when we get there.

So yeah. Chapter 11 coming soon!
Took me a while to upload it because I was lazy. No good excuse, really, but here it is if anyone wanted to hear:…

Finally. It's been a while, my show's been getting cancelled to broadcast basketball games, but we're ON THE AIR tonight! Come on in and be sure to leave requests on the WCAL site!
Okay guys, I'm just about to post chapter 10 of Crime Ring, and as promised I'm going to take a little break after this, but not for the reasons I wanted to.

Unfortunately, the more I think about it, the more I realize Crime Ring is a terrible way to open this story to you guys. There are a lot of inconsistencies and issues that, while you may not have noticed, I certainly have.

The problem is that a big part of Crime Ring is supposed to be something of a change for Seth, and it's just not being done right, especially because the reader has zero context of what he's like before the change happens.

So until further notice, Crime Ring is on hiatus. DON'T WORRY, I'll be getting back to it as soon as I can. But first, I need to start something else...

I'm going to start the Wizard Rivers series off the way I'd originally intended to. I think this story is a much better introduction to the world and characters, and I hope you'll all support me through it.

Sorry to anyone who's disappointed, but if you enjoyed Crime Ring, you'll love this next one.

Right now, the working title is "Pay the Troll," but I might be changing that before I release chapter 1. We will see.

Wish me luck!

:iconhuispe: and I are now officially engaged! We have been technically for a while, but because we were waiting on immigration to get back to us on it, we never announced anything.

But yes! It's official, within the next few months (before June!) Hanna will be moving here to the States at last, and we'll hold a small wedding (big one someday when we can actually afford it). We're really excited to finally be at this stage, it's been a long time coming, with entirely too much paperwork, but it's all finally about to pay off!

The year's looking good! I finish college this coming winter, and I'll have my love by my side before then! Her comic's coming along quite well, and she's got more projects in the works, while my writing's progressing at a good rate, too! Now if I can snag a job somewhere along the line, I'll be golden.

So now we're taking the early steps of getting her moved in here, and we'll be looking at how to accommodate and ship all of her stuff, before finally getting her here as well. It's gonna be an expensive bit of planning, but all the same, I can't wait!

Bit of bad news though: seems my desktop computer's about to kick the bucket. Right now it's looking like a graphics card replacement, but that's doable. I'm trying to run some tests and find out why I've had 5 blue screens of death this past week and 6 today, and that seems to be the culprit. 

An easy enough fix for an old computer though. Just lousy timing.

EDIT: And the audio's uploaded! I'll be updating this journal one more time in a few days when the video's ready, but for now:…


HEY GUYS, Whoa Radio returns tonight from 8-10 PM EST! That's in about 4 hours and 15 minutes for those not aware. I'll of course be updating this when that happens, BUT FOR NOW, THERE'S NEWS!

My second RPVlog released today, and in it I give a demonstration of-you know what? Fuck it just go watch it.…;

I'll also be filming the whole show tonight, as I prepare my next RP video. This one won't quite be an RPVlog, though! I'm gonna be giving everyone a walk around tour of the studio and showing how the shows are done!

See you tonight for the show, and feel free to leave any requests here early!
So for those of you who are following Crime Ring, I just posted chapter 7, and chapter 8 is already done. So we're pretty rapidly approaching chapter 10, which I'd like to be about the halfway point of the novel, and most miportantly, a tense and action-building chapter.

That said, after chapter 10 there's going to be a short break. I'm going to go through all the chapters up to that point and clean them up, change some details, etc. 

There are a lot of things, some minor and some major that I've thought of since finishing chapters. For instance, the entire first part of chapter 1 is going to undergo a MAJOR change. I'd also like to fix a lot of dialogue, details, clarify some stuff and add in some good ol' fashioned foreshadowing.

But I'll let you know when that happens. It shouldn't take long, because most of the changes I already have in mind, and it shouldn't take me TOO long.

But I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about it before it happens.

IN ADDITION! Whoa Radio returns this Saturday evening, and it will also be recorded for a Radiopassive Vlog! During the show I'll be demonstrating how I work, what kind of equipment we use in there and what goes on off the mic. Should be a good time!
Well, the Youtube, anyway.

So I'm now a content producer for Radiopassive Entertainment. I mean I guess technically I have been for years, but now I have to be the SUBJECT of videos. Shit.

Now I've done an introductory video, and I need you guys' help. What do y'all want to see me do as a part of Radiopassive when I'm the one stuck in front of a camera? Walk around tours? Guides? I got nothin', and it's kicking my ass. So let's see what you all wanna see out of this.

You can watch the introductory video here:…

And don't forget to check out Radiopassive on Facebook (… ) and Twitter ( )
(Please read, as this first part may be worth noting)

First up, I'm considering making a new Deviantart account and moving there. Many people latched onto this account in the days when I did art, or just followed me here from more amazingly talented people, like Hanna, Steff, Anti or Matt.

That said, I'm considering making a new account to clear out all the people who just haven't gotten around to removing me from a watch list. I don't like, nor am I interested in, having a fair-sized list of people following me but not actually giving a fuck. Still mulling it over, but what do you think?


It was a pretty good show, new software issues aside. Have a listen if you couldn't catch it live:…

In written news, the semester's now finally come to a halt and I can get back to work on Crime Ring, so expect chapter 3 sometime in the next week or two, provided I can figure out all the details I need for it.

That's all for now. Happy holidays everybody, try and stay sane!

Last show of the semester tonight! Get in any requests you have now, I'd like to make it a good one. This journal will be refreshed and updated when the show goes live, and once more when the show is uploaded. During the last update I'll post information about statuses and what-not.


Not my best show. I'm a bit rusty.

As a side note, chapter 3 (and anything in general) is going to be on hiatus for a little bit. It's finals week here which means it's crunch time. Gonna be SUPER busy this week :iconfrankyplz:

No show tonight guys, campus is closed due to Thanksgiving break :C

And now, since I was tagged by :iconhuispe: and :icons0s2: .... What the hell.

Time to regret decisions *cracks knuckles*

What would you do if i...

I died:

I Kissed you:

I fell:

I lived next door to you:

I showed up at your house unexpectedly:

I stole something:

I was murdered:

I cried:

I asked you to marry me:

I was Hospitalized

:What do you think about my...:






:would you...:
Trust me enough to sleep in the same bed as me?

Keep a Secret if i told you one?

Hold my hand?

Study with me?

Love me?

Date me?

Have sex with me?

:Have you ever?...:
lied to make me feel better?

wanted to kiss me?

wanted to kill me?

Broke my heart?

thought i was unbearably annoying?

hated me?

wanted to tell me something but didnt?

wondered about my sanity?

wanted to do something to me?


When and how did you meet me?

describe me in three words

what was your first impression of me?

what do you think of me now?

what reminds you of me?

could you see us together forever?

when was the last time you saw me?

are you going to repost this to see what i say about you?
First thing's first: I'll be back on the air next week as my suspension is lifted! Woohoo! I can't wait. Gotta tell you guys, I have been jonesing for a radio show.

Moreover, though, I just took down Crime Ring's second chapter. I hate it, even as a draft. It didn't go the way I meant it to and a lot of it feels really half assed. Before I continue, I want to fix that. I should have a new one up in the next couple of days, though, so look forward to that!

As a side-note, for those unaware, Hanna's comic has been live for some time now, and it's been awesome so far! Go check out Temperature here:
(apparently html code is now broken on DA. Well, that's just... dandy.)

That's all for now,
-Rock on.